Dōjō History

QUT Ninjutsu - 2008 to 2010

Ikari Dōjō started as QUT Ninjutsu in 2008 as a Queensland University of Technology sports club. The club operated out of the Kelvin Grove Gym and later the Garden's Point Gym. In 2009, QUT Ninjutsu began classes at Healthstream Fitness in Kelvin Grove. 

QUT Ninjutsu offered training in Budō Taijutsu and focused on striking, grappling, break-falling and weapons training. Classes included fitness training, fundamental techniques and sparring. 

During this short period, QUT Ninjutsu had over 400 registered members and held regular classes three times a week. QUT Ninjutsu operations were suspended in early 2010 as the club captain and only instructor left for Japan to train in martial arts. 

QUT Ninjutsu - 2011 to 2013

QUT Ninjutsu resumed operations in mid 2011 and held classes out of Chauvel Place, a public park in Kelvin Grove.

Old members returned and QUT Ninjutsu, which saw its registered members grow by 100 during that time. 

In 2013, the club captain and instructor left to join the military resulting again in the suspension of QUT Ninjutsu activities. 

Ninkokuo Dōjō - 2016 to 2017

In early 2016, QUT Ninjutsu was re-branded as Ninkokuo Dojo and operated out of Paddington Hall, Paddington. 

Although training was still Budō Taijutsu, there was a far wider variety in weapons and skills provided by Ninkokuo dojo. 

Paddington Hall offered a large training area, but unfortunately there was no mat storage, which made training grappling and throwing difficult. In 2017, a decision was made to find an alternative venue that provided better facilities for a Budō Taijutsu dōjō.

Ikari Dōjō - 2017~