Hensōjutsu (変装術) are methods of disguise, infiltration and impersonation. Hensōjutsu relies on knowledge and skills used commonly in acting or stagecraft like imagination, emotional facility, physical expression, vocal projection, clarity of speech and the ability to perform specific societal roles. Ikari Dōjō also explores utilisation of different dialects, accents, improvisation, observation and emulation. Hensōjutsu requires extensive development of attention, memory, perception and emotional intelligence to detect impersonation and learn how to use the methods of hensōjutsu. Due to the nature of hensōjutsu, instruction in law, ethics and moral code of conduct are prerequisites to ensure responsible use of skills and the legal implications of misuse.

The applications of hensōjutsu can be offensive, defensive or for quality of life. In terms of offensive use, skills of hensōjutsu can be used for infiltration, intelligence gathering or to misdirect the enemy. Defensively, hensōjutsu can be used to detect fraud or dishonesty, inspire allies or to communicate complex idea or information to allies (efficient information exchange). Hensōjutsu can also provide a positive improvement to the quality of life by improving social skills, communication and emotional observation. 

Hensōjutsu also uses several methods of the behavioural sciences including social neuroscience, cognitive science and human behaviour to better understand the human mind and use it positively in daily life. Through the study of hensōjutsu, students can develop a better understanding of themselves and others, which can be applied to multiple fields of study or employment.

Performance art has a strong correlation to hensōjutsu and knowledge of singing, stand-up comedy, drama, theatre and other forms of performance can greatly improve the speed at which hensōjutsu can be learned. 

Hensōjutsu, like other sub-systems of ninjutsu, has both mental and physical components. Although hensōjutsu falls more on the mental and social side of the spectrum, having a strong body that can imitate various bearings and physical movements is critical to good performance.