Budō is a large system of martial arts which is made up of many smaller sub-systems. These sub-systems are denoted by 'jutsu' (術) such as 'kenjutsu' (剣術) or 'taijutsu' (体術). Ikari Dōjō covers a vast number of sub-systems in its curriculum and offers training in weapons, techniques and strategies that are not taught by any other martial art in the world.

A sub-system is made up of waza (技) [techniques], jutsu (術) [methods], kata (型) [forms], kamae (構) [structures], bōryaku (謀略) [strategies], sakuryaku (策略) [tactics] and gainen (概念) [concepts]. Each weapon, range or sub-system has unique constraints, but follows general physical and mechanical principles. Each sub-system in Budō is connected. Although Budō has many sub-systems, by learning general principles and understanding properties of a weapon or range, learning new sub-systems becomes much easier and applying existing knowledge to a new weapon or range becomes possible. 

Ikari Dōjō uses a modern scientific approach to martial arts and uses state of the art teaching methodologies and concepts to impart knowledge and training in the most efficient way possible. 

At first sight, so many weapons, sub-systems and ranges may seem daunting, but within a few months handling any weapon or range becomes second nature.